Stridsvagn 122


Leopard 2 improved/MBT 122 is currently the world's most modern MBT. MBT 122 is a further development of MBT 121 and is partly manufactured in Sweden. Deliveries of MBT 122 was commenced in 1997 and completed in 2001. A total of 120 MBTs are to be delivered.

MBT 122 has a crew of four. Armament consists of a 120 mm smooth-bore gun and two 7.62 machine guns. The vehicle has night-vision sights (IR) for both commander and gunner.

Types of ammunition are fin-stabilized anti-tank rounds (APFSDS/SABOT) and HE (High Exlosive). The vehicle has an eye-proof laser and the fire-control system allows firing up to ranges of 4000 m.

Compared to MBT 121, the vehicle has considerably better protection in the front parts of both chassis and turret. Furthermore, the vehicle is fitted with top-protection and an interior liner. Combat weight is 62.5 tonnes. The vehicle has an 12-cylinder diesel engine of 1 500 HP. Maximum speed is 70 kph and on-roand and off-road ranges are 350 and 200 km, respectively.

The driver has an image-intesifier for driving in the dark. Fording depth is down to 1.2 m.

The vehicle has an advanced command/control (C2) system. The C2 system comprises radio and intercom (Combat Radio, Type RA 180 for speech/computerized data, plus the LTS 90), a technical terminal for the commander, a display unit for the driver, a navigation system (POS 4) and a vehicle computer. The C2 system offers possibilities of presenting a map with tactical information, target designation, logistic and ballistic information, plus navigational data. Information transfer from one vehicle to another is carried out digitally.


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